(who am i?) I Am The Woman

Writing seems to come best to me in the early morning, or late at night. Unfortunately, those are the hardest times to make myself write. In the morning, everything is so fresh, my mind is new. Also, I have a lot of dreams, and they aren’t average dreams. From talking to other people, I’ve come to accept just how insane my dreams are. Thank Eywa for that escape from reality.

Anyways, this poem turned out really well. It’s one a million that I write a poem with rhyme, but this one just seemed to flow out of my head perfectly, and I really enjoy it, I hope you do too!


approachable woman
approachable man
in the mirror
on the land
this is naked
this is truth
staring at me
staring back at you
this is lively
this livelihood
this is evil
and this is good
naked thoughts
and naked dreams
running wild
as wild can be
wild is woman
and wild is man
wild is nature
too wild to understand
standing staring
or sitting in peace
this life is ours
this life is a feast
living in heaven
or living in hell
no place on earth
would ring sweeter bells
I am the woman
and you are the man
and we are a stranger
with heads in the sand
we carry burdens
we carry hopes
but when we speak
we sing what we spoke
we say how we feel
and change what we hate
how little we know
when dueling with fate
how hard we try
with both hands tied down
with the green earth around us
the stars all around
we see what we like
with both eyes closed
I am a woman
and I am the bold.


2 thoughts on “(who am i?) I Am The Woman

  1. m1dn1ghtmus1ngs says:

    Thank Eywa indeed! Seriously, this is brilliant. Your picture makes me want to make out with a thug hahahaha and the poem, despite the rhyme scheme is brilliant, but the brilliance of it is heightened because the rhyming is so fluid and easy to read. It didn’t seem forced. Ever.

    I love it. And I love you.

    Sevas Tra
    Ewya bless ;)


    • lukewater says:

      I know!
      It was so strange how the rhyming came, it really just flowed incredibly well. Rhyming is seriously a freak accident sort of thing!

      I LOVE YOU :-)

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