du uh oon

I’m tired, maybe I’ll elaborate on this, but I need sleep. I’ve been very tired, very dizzy lately.

“What is trust?”
“Trust is when he tells me not to do something, I don’t do it.”
Moments later she realized that this boy wasn’t just being sly. He wasn’t questioning trust like she questioned trust. He didn’t have one lie after another up his sleeve, like she did. When he asked, what is trust, it was because he didn’t understand the English word. It wasn’t because he was coy. He was pure, she could tell by the smile on his face. Suddenly the conversation became so much harder, because what other word could he not understand? There was no way to be herself, not when he could hardly understand her. When he said, I love you I love you I love you, she said, you do not know what that means. And he would smile, but she couldn’t tell if he was butchering the english language, or playing her for a fool.

don’t move
I want to move
don’t move
I think I will
I will not scream
I think I will
I will I’ll scream


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