it’s me, i know

I am
a beating heart
I am
my lies
taken form
shaping, turning into wings
flying into the fire
a sun as big as your eye
a million grains of lava
as fine as sand
I am
my broken head
on the side of the road
I am sadness
I am destruction
I am loathing
I am loneliness
These wings aren’t taking flight
they’re broken
white feathers and black ashes
lying in a lily field
among perfection
the beauty
and a pearly tear running down my cheek
I slap it like a mosquito
I have a parasite
and a beating heart
I feel it inside my chest
it pounds against my rib bones
when I abuse it
when I use it
when I feed it
and this beating heart
is all I own in this world
and it is all I am
it is me.



One thought on “it’s me, i know

  1. m1dn1ghtmus1ngs says:

    Perfect :) It reminds me of Anthem.

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