gnarly, man.

(I really enjoy the ‘fantasy poetry’ writing that I do, but I’ve always tended to be more realistic. The first poem turned out very well, and it even rhymes a little (hooray!). The second poem is basically like all the others I do (lame ;))

Enjoy! I had some good fun with my writing this morning.)



“Alright, then.”
She said,
“how do I know,
if all of my feelings are wrong?
What if I am wrong,
and everything I have ever felt is just a lie
a misconception, strewn through my thousand beating h3arts?”
She said,
“What do I do with my life,
what do I see?
This reality, it is blinding me.
It is throwing me into a world of drugs,
my out-of-mind state
becomes living, panicking, full of hate .
“I am trapped, I am hurting
What do I do?
I am lusting, I am dying.
Who do I swear to?”
she said, she said
“You’re not real, but you’re haunting me.”
This world where everything is delusion
the high in your mind changes reality
it changes perception
but if reality twists so easily
perhaps it is not as stable as that wicked old tree.
The real world is what we want it to be
the people are all just ghosts, waiting to die
waiting for that one-true-high.
The wicked old tree twists around slowly
“Turning a blind eye to you and me,
but especially me.”
Its roots are so solid, you think
the deep carvings in the wood, I assure you,
It Is No Lie.
“But at night I go out there,
into the darkness of the woods,
to hear it pulling its roots from out beneath the ground.”
She said,
Reality is not as truthful as you think.
Just ask her, over there,
with the thousand beating h3arts,
speaking so softly
hiding inside the twisted old tree.







I suddenly realized
now that I am older
I do not need to go
I…never needed to waste away my days
for you
but I did
you say I’m going to be a big old star
well, maybe
but before I do
please just go on and tell me you hate me
just get it over with
don’t think about hating me, just do
because that is what this season is all about
remembering how much you hate someone
yes, you’re stuck in a room with them
and yes, you’re clawing your way out
put cat and mouse in same room
never expected blood


2 thoughts on “gnarly, man.

  1. m1dn1ghtmus1ngs says:

    I love this. The imagery alone was enough to get me high. Or maybe its the incense I’m burning… ;) Just messin. You know I love you. Come back to me. Soon.


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