a flow of thought

then something
the white evolves, transforms
into a thousand different shapes
first black, contrast,
then like a snowflake
forever morphing
the animal
leaping into oblivion,
claws outstretched,
strained muscles to the end
it breathes
this music
begins with a single roll
and then it grows upon itself
one beautiful, breathtaking emotion at a time
so strong, it becomes a feeling
a fiery spark inside this throbbing heart
like a tear
it burns its way across the soft valley
one after the other
until they become a stream
warm, and bubbling, and transforming next to the shore
a child emerges from the green grass and white flowers
it has daisies for its eyes
and its laughter matches in softness to the sound of the water
then the world turns around, gravity forgets itself
it turns over on its belly, and everything is falling towards the stars
raining into the sky
this world, transforming, flowing, becoming
not white, not nothingness
but a color so pure, a light so bright and glistening
this white becomes…black.


6 thoughts on “a flow of thought

  1. Scent of my heart says:

    It’s sad, but you’re right, some things turn their colors from white to black, and black is usually bad! Thanks for posting this!

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    • Jingle says:

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  3. Jingle says:

    brilliant words,
    beautiful sentiments..

    Thanks for sharing….

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