charming bees.

i try not to be shy
and subtle in speech
lying in my bed
then waking up from sleep
i try not to assume
with the cards lying across the table
the green king reversed
enchanting, full and unstable
i read into them, their careful designs
hoping, “their whispering words
will change my mind”
i try not to be
not to exist, to feel and see
aside from this one death wish
i try to be
an artist, a creator
a naturalist, in theory
a leader of dogs
a human charmer, charming bees
but mostly, when I see the cards lying face down
mysteriously holding the future in their colored crowns
i try not to trust
what I always have before
with a final sweep of my hand
the cards go fluttering to the floor.


18 thoughts on “charming bees.

  1. dan says:

    Hard to predict the future and yoet in the present you hold so much power, a human charmer, charming bees. Keep it up. Well written.

  2. Jingle says:

    lovely piece.
    charming bees, love the title…

    attend poets rally week 34 if you wish,
    link in your poem, visit and comment, enjoy new found friendship among poets…

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Jingle says:

    welcome in,

    let me know after you are done 18 comments among participants list….

    enjoy the fun!

  4. deadpoet88 says:

    Whoa, I really enjoyed this, love the flow of words, and the ending is superb! I think we all need to sweep the cards off the table sometimes. Great poem!

  5. somewhere else says:

    perhaps we should trust ourselves more

  6. very cool poem. i loved the images, particularly the ending.

  7. m1dn1ghtmus1ngs says:

    So glad you’re getting some well-deserved attention :) I love you. You have to read me when you come up and visit, ok?


  8. Charming bees. Charming poem. The last two lines have a special grace.

    Fine contribution to Rally. Hope you are enjoying your visits and visitors.

  9. cloakedmonk says:

    It is hard to trust ourselves especially when our mind/body is telling us difficult things. Thank you.

  10. I really enjoyed this soul-searching poem. Good stuff!

  11. Chamz says:

    we always keep trying. :)

  12. […] Lukewater: […]

  13. Sam373 says:

    “…i try to be
    an artist, a creator
    a naturalist, in theory…

    Stop trying to be who you R!!! Welcome Kindred Spirit, to the real world.

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