{when you were half asleep}

suspended in air.
the sky is not so blue
now I am inside

like a dismissed child
a discarded red ribbon

china fingers grip the coarse edge
let loose, a spring of beautiful red

suspended, then, fall.


{the plunge}

contemplation pen and ink in hand
raised daringly, glinting like the smile of a sharpened sword
ready to cut a noose hung so loose upon my neck
posed above icy waters
waiting to take the plunge.

slicing clean into this counterpart
the blood spills air, soaking into my lungs of sweet release
grant me this broken chain of freedom and happy-ness
ready to finally taste
the white waters of life.

{to disturb a sleeping goddess}

i am
in love with the idea of
wisdom, and the brightest light flowing past me
through my finger tips, the goddess walks towards me
she walks by my side, tonight

i am
in the shadow of the bird
with its largest eye
but where darkness falls, was in the past
and we are ever moving forward

flowing past

i am
changing in ways ever so swift, so as
the wind cannot keep up
it stays just behind me, riding on my heels
in this brightest valley of the goddess
in the shadow of the sun, of brilliance

i am
we are
together at last, meeting eye to eye
and whether her light will stay,
whether she will remain with her hand warming against my heart
or whether her fire will fade within me

for everything seems to disappear into the blinding white hot sun
how long will it be this time
before the ashes settle into the valley
lengthened by the shadows of a sleeping world?

{my darkest passenger}

let go of the darkness

i will

i embraced him
the only one i ever honored

my loved one, holding me tight
swallowed in his arms

the shadows
the corners of my mind
and all of those spaces in between
abandoned streets
where only thieves come out to slaughter the innocent lambs.

i held on tight
i embraced him
i loved him
or i reveled in him

a cleansing of shadows
or an infection of light
for once, i might admit, i need to let go
of this disease of my mind
these awful patterns of my thoughts

but in my dark embrace
my eyes shut, caging tears
my arms wrapped tight about this loved one

i must regretfully…
hold on tighter
to never let go.

this is the truth (i am brave enough to tell you)

I Dare You To
Tell Me The Truth
To Look Me In The Eye
And Say exactly what is on your mind
I Dare You.

Sitting on a shelf, surrounded in lies
there is an Honest Truth
waiting to be heard
if someone could just Understand
the Truth, is so much more interesting.

Dare You to believe
that when you give me truth, I trust you

The story of our lives
of your life.

Swimming in a black hole
each breath leaves me
harder to Escape.

I am Drowning
it is hard for you to Believe
but even the Brightest Light Falls
into the darkness, to be swallowed by Lies
By Sadness, By Too Much Hope.

this brightest light is drowning in a black hole.

Save me
I Dare You.



a goliath basin
underneath the sun, with golden earth
stretched wider than He can reach
it dips low, as smooth as a bowl
and is my shelter, my golden sea.

we are all here, us birds
black against the glinting sun
we stretch our wings, thousands of us
black shapes, circling, insane waves
we love this heat, this golden sun.

from the empty blue sky
robin’s blue, against fire’s orange
from space, where metal and lights circle above
the earth of a million eyes, watches our stolen wings, it sighs
and I cling on tight to my shelter, my flight, my life’s love.




the dream poet.ry

(a couple of separate, I enjoy how they came out)

The Dream Poem

Where we go to fly.

up in the cliffs

among the trees

on top of a rusty old house

built 3 stories tall

we pull on our feathered wings

strapped with leather to our backs

we step to the edge of the door way

leap out into the forest

and we fly.


As writers

we play at being GOD

like children in the sand

we create our own world

and who is to say

whether this world is real

or whether we are fake?


We are the bird watchers of the human nature.


There is a girl

who fell into the land

she became washed among the dirt

under-neath heavenly green trees

she fell in among the worms

and laughed against the sea

this girl fell from heaven,

fell from hell

and Nature set her free.