it is better, never to sleep
never to think, or be haunted
by dreams
this waking life,
is killing me, one
breath a time
this clock, beating
against my ear.
the sea strains against its tides
the moon blinds
us all, illumination.

never to sleep, I’m falling
across a black galaxy
blinded by the thousand darkness
I stare, at you, wishing
that I had never let go
to the white hand grasping my wrist
hanging from the cliff side, crumbling
into eternal’s sea.

i wish I had illumination
light, existing inside my core
the light of so many drifting people
like stars, going out of existence
one breath a time.

it is killing me, this waiting
this thundering universe
in a flash becomes silent, becomes
I’ll sleep tonight
loving the feeling of the undead
until I awake one-more-time
to be haunted, falling, darkened
waiting for my
eternal, sleep.


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