this is the truth (i am brave enough to tell you)

I Dare You To
Tell Me The Truth
To Look Me In The Eye
And Say exactly what is on your mind
I Dare You.

Sitting on a shelf, surrounded in lies
there is an Honest Truth
waiting to be heard
if someone could just Understand
the Truth, is so much more interesting.

Dare You to believe
that when you give me truth, I trust you

The story of our lives
of your life.

Swimming in a black hole
each breath leaves me
harder to Escape.

I am Drowning
it is hard for you to Believe
but even the Brightest Light Falls
into the darkness, to be swallowed by Lies
By Sadness, By Too Much Hope.

this brightest light is drowning in a black hole.

Save me
I Dare You.


3 thoughts on “this is the truth (i am brave enough to tell you)

  1. 1markt says:

    Can you handle the truth?, is perhaps a better question. I am sure that you are able. I would like to invite you by if you have an opportunity and if moved please leave a comment. Truth is often what I address and I sense that truth is sought after by you as well.


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