{to disturb a sleeping goddess}

i am
in love with the idea of
wisdom, and the brightest light flowing past me
through my finger tips, the goddess walks towards me
she walks by my side, tonight

i am
in the shadow of the bird
with its largest eye
but where darkness falls, was in the past
and we are ever moving forward

flowing past

i am
changing in ways ever so swift, so as
the wind cannot keep up
it stays just behind me, riding on my heels
in this brightest valley of the goddess
in the shadow of the sun, of brilliance

i am
we are
together at last, meeting eye to eye
and whether her light will stay,
whether she will remain with her hand warming against my heart
or whether her fire will fade within me

for everything seems to disappear into the blinding white hot sun
how long will it be this time
before the ashes settle into the valley
lengthened by the shadows of a sleeping world?


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