old savannah}

Alright gang of nobody:

First of all, I have a new blog on the lukewater account, can you believe it? One account can have multiple blogs ::D

This “blog” is….actually more like  journal. I am beginning it because of my class, Voice for Performance, which requires us to keep a journal in any way we see suitable….one past student wrote his journal on a massive amount of bar napkins. So, I’ve found wordpress to be a lovely, entertaining way to express myself, and a way to stay connected with my friends, why shouldn’t I use it for my educational purposes?

As of now…the website waterinkhappyness.wordpress.com (link also in sidebar) will be only for my voice class, but once my class ends, I’ll basically use it for anything. Anything….I’ve been reading to a certain Hazardous Waste Dump (also in sidebar: http://hayleythemills.wordpress.com) which has inspired me to basically copy. We are monkeys by nature.

So, anyways, find your own way to be inspired, perhaps water+ink truly will = happy-ness for you.

And now for the real art. If you are in any way at all artistically inclined, take a photography class. I swear, my photo class senior year of high school was an incredible experience. There was nothing so satisfying as setting my own camera exposure and speed, loading my own film in a completely black room, spending an hour shaking around a canister and carefully measuring chemicals, and finally enlarging my own personal film pictures in a dark room, watching them come to life. Just thinking about the process…I suddenly had the urge to cry. It is a feeling no digital experience could ever duplicate.

ANYWAYS. These are some pictures which came from that photo class. They are apart of a book I put together, and probably one of my favorite art pieces I’ve ever created, so completely apart of me. I only recently got these pictures into my computer, and I think they deserve some attention ::)

Welcome to Savannah, Georgia:

(click to enlarge)

There are so many more…………I adore them all, but especially these ::)


2 thoughts on “old savannah}

  1. m1dn1ghtmus1ngs says:

    I teared up hardcore. I LOVELOVELOVE that picture of the old couple :) Miss you. <3

  2. lukewater says:

    Love it, love you <3

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