ever ending happiness
reaches out to grace the hand so delicately
of a friend known oh, too well
for where comfort finds despair?
everywhere, all around us, our lives we bear.

a hand so delicate as death,
once a gleaming youth well-lived
but how could we know?
with the greatest gleaming light
comes the farthest corners of darkness
and we, suffering souls, are but trapped in our ever loving, beating hearts.

ever a life worth taking?
ever a deepest wound worth bearing-
we happen upon our sadness in the oft’ presence of hope.
and though dreams shed a glum light on reality
we live on, because we are filled with it, a third eye—

–seeing the turtle’s waves crashing across a forever horizon
and ever still looking beyond, beyond,

…beyond it.


(responding to a loved friend, it is all we can ever do}

You are beautiful.
I love you and I always will.
Your imperfections push those cherishing qualities about you…
into a lovely light.

You are human
We are all imperfect and similar,
yet with voices infinitely diverse,
building upon one another, each more interesting than the next
until they explode into a harmony of disenchanted pleas.

You are perfect

We are amazement.
We are constantly growing, learning, becoming children again.

We are flawed human beings
with ever ending possibilities.
I love you, because our connection to the world seems severed
but when we look down at our feet,
we realize that the earth forever flows energy through us
we spill out through the sky and with incredible unending bursts of light
we live, breath, hear each others’ cries……

turning those enduring breaths into laughter.

Sometimes we forget what a beautiful world we live in.
You forget, that you are surrounded, engulfed, by people who love you…
Who don’t even know, yet, don’t even understand why.
But whether in the future or in the past…especially in the present,
we are loved.