island boy


I met a boy who lives on an island

with Athena and Atlas (shrugs).


[Mighty Athena,

Mighty Atlas].


(he is my sanctity,

my dream,

and I’ve loved him before…)


In Another Life!



this is my


my Calm,

my Joy,

never to be left behind

(or so I’ll always hope)


I felt it.

Tonight’s the Night.







downward spiral


I’m in that downward spiral.

[trapped inside]


step by step I’m falling

[no, I’m not fine]


I’m caught, I’m caught

I’m tangled in the noose

[it’s hung about my neck

it’s weaved throughout my body parts]


Tired of pleading, tired of asking for help.

[I’m finally falling]



That Downward Spiral.







back to truth

Beautiful poetry
beautiful life
beautiful smile
beautiful tears

(ugly beauty?)

these are mine
this is my sadness
my heavy sword to bear

I am opening myself to this green world
breathing out my unhappiness, taking in its…


I am full of hate, I must admit
confusion, confused with insanity
and forced into confinement, nothingness, blackness

I am full of…
but I want to be…
I don’t wish to be…

a burden.