howdy europe.

Went to Europe. Yup. Pretty cool. Took too many pictures to count.

So these are my favorites. Colors must be a lot brighter and prettier in Europe because none of these pictures have been edited.

Which is great because I haven’t been in the photoshop-ing mood :)

So I spent four days in London, England, because I’m a nerd and the first time I heard a guy shout out in a British accent I started snorting a little from trying to contain my laughter because no one else understands my love of British people and Sherlock Holmes. (run on sentence queen) Speaking of queens and kings, I’m good with presidents and non-beheadedness. Then spent a week and a half driving around happily through Belgium, lovely little country. Went down through the countries of Luxembourg, France, and Germany for a couple days as well. F. and G. not really, just sort of drove over the boarder line and back, laughing madly to myself again…mind you I’ve been traveling with my dad this whole time :) Spent my last four days in Amsterdam.

Coolio. Glad to be back in the ol’ USA.





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