It was two in the morning, the place was finally slowing down, and the only customers left were those too drunk to see their feet, and the all-nighters who always seemed to slink around. It was Tuesday night, not exactly party night, but sweaty bodies still collided on the dance floor, haunting under the spinning lights and full music. Parker filled a couple glasses of beer for a man, and wiped up the counter with a rag before leaning against it with a heavy sign. Maybe he could just close his eyes for a second. The owner was probably watching a movie in the back room, fiddling with his dick or something. Parker wasn’t a big fan of bosses, especially the overly obese ones who felt the urge to belch every ten seconds, but he needed the job. It had only been a week of these long, spinning nights, nights that never seemed to end. Already he was sick to his stomach with the amount of drunk women, all ages, who found the need to practice their charm on him…he thanked god for the sturdy bar between him and customer. Nevertheless, the pay was good, and the tips were enough to keep his one room apartment stocked with energy shots.

Parker glanced sideways at the old man about to topple off of his stool. The geezer had drowned himself in beer since ten that night. When the man opened his mouth, he was missing all of his teeth, he had big bushy eyebrows that hadn’t seen a pair of scissors in twenty years, and he had a walking stick hooked around one arm. Parker didn’t have the heart to cut the old man off.

He grimaced. The pit of humanity, this place. These people…one only needed to watch to see how far down people could fall. He wondered if it wouldn’t be easier to just put them all out of their misery.

Parker glanced over at one of the waitresses sitting at the end of the bar…Cindy, was that her name? She was staring off into the dark room, glazed over eyes.

“Hey.” He shouted down at her. She jumped and looked over, raising and eyebrow at him. She was young, kind of sweet looking.

“Watch the bar.” He asked. He stooped down and pulled a big overflowing trash bag from the trash can, tied it off, and began heaving it towards the back door.

The outside air felt incredibly cool and refreshing. Parker dragged the trash the rest of the way into the alley to the garbage dumpster. When he threw the bag into the top, there was a loud crashing noise, followed by the scream of a cat who leapt from the dumpster and darted down the alleyway.

Parker sighed, taking a moment for himself. He tilted his head back and looked up at the black night sky. Not too many stars…


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