hey hey all the people

shattered glass,
a heart, a house, of shattered glass
we, the pieces, jagged edges, together again
up and down, the cicular path
a world, we’ve known all along
this world of push and pull

the glass shatters, the people
fragile lives tucked away in cases
we knock, we sway, we catch the glass in our hands
we throw it all away
spilling, just make a mistake, all of you
slip up in your words,
catch your tongue
on a shard, like a frog, slides smooth
along sharp edge, red blood drip.

Shattered glass, red shards
No one ever wants to see the blood,
Blood, life.
The moods through the broken windows of this house
these people
the moods red and blue, fire are the eyes, cool and ice along the lips
we lick our tongues across our smiling—
shows our teeth, shows
people, let’s all go to the show
spill our honesty, one penny for the trip
I’ll sell it out, sell my soul to the first taker

shattered glass
all up in the house, scattered wide
all the way up to the roof,
we’ve our hands full with slit throats
Red like the lips of a young woman,
opening wide, laugh,
sip white wine from crystal glasses,
leave stains, like the gentle stroke of a paint brush
one, two, one, two
let’s all lie, let’s all lie to one another
forsake honesty to the wind
push sway,

shattered glass,
up in a house of shattered glass
the people, they’re all the same
unhappy people
brush up against him and her
married woman married man
raise your voices
shout, scratch against the softness of a silent night
the throat bare, all our throats bare
run the sharp edge against all our wrists
lets forget balance, let’s forget peace
let’s do this now,

Forget about the shattered glass,
all you people
people in my house,
let’s just live.


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