morning intense

tremor runs through my body
legs shake, bring me to my knees
an electrifying energy runs through my bones
strings played like the beloved guitar of a rock god.
mind fades to nothingness
this is primal, evolution flung out the window
fly away, white birdie
make way for the floods
i’ll be thy vessel, lend me thy oar
earth shake and shatters across my pale skin
life splits open, energy—released
trembling, hung limp against the wall
never recover
eyes twinkling, parade, fantasia lights
exploded, awaken all night
newborn, rhythm wild
blinding white,


2 thoughts on “morning intense

  1. m1dn1ghtmus1ngs says:

    I’m imagining you as a planet (but in a serious way, no “jk” intended) and rupturing completely. Beautiful gorgeous imagery.

  2. lukewater says:

    xD I love it, I love when other people see completely different images in my artwork and writing. That’s why I hate explaining my work, because there is no explanation…

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