sorrow’s the word

it’s never a good sign when you can feel your heart beating

the rhythm of the traffic, boom boom down the street

airplane flies over head, people leaving tomorrow,

coming home, gone again

go and come back, she said

the music in my head, disconcerting

music shouldn’t be felt like a sleepless night

restless, ready to crawl back under the sheets

I feel too warm, a volcano ready to erupt

after years of dormancy

listen to the stillness in the air, suffocating

I’ll draw my imaginary sword and slice through tension and sorrow

kneel, I’ll go down on one knee

bow my head to the world, slip the white mask across my face

let loose a long sigh, goodbye

then bring sword to heart, let lava spill

like a warrior of old, I’ll die a respectable death.


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