I forgot to watch the leaves change color
this year
maybe I’ll miss it again and again,
the orange fading to gray in my vision
red, yellow, brown
like a lost dream
I’ll miss the lights, go up around Christmas time,
the white frost on the ground
light as powder, a single set of footsteps
broken through the snow
I’ll miss the children, the faceless children
the crowds of people, well-wishers, I suppose
I’ll hold my nose close to the warm steam
floating up from a mug of tea
forget all about it
and then when the spring time comes again
a rebirth of soul and lover alike
I’ll live anew again
out—out hibernation
forget, once again, that ever a time existed
when the sun failed to rise early and fall late
a shadow cast upon the earth
it’s only a chemical, I’ll tell myself,
a petty emotion
don’t think about it,
pretend it’s not there
the elephant of loneliness waiting patiently at my backdoor.


4 thoughts on “elephant.

  1. m1dn1ghtmus1ngs says:

    This makes me so sad because I know the feeling youre expressing. I love it. Great art as always, my love. <3

  2. wordcoaster says:

    Oh man, that elephant leaves such heavy footprints whenever he walks by. Nicely written :)

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