werewolf flash fiction

Might I admit how dearly I adore werewolves. They are my first love. I need to write more about them…..anyways, my wonderful fellow writer over at midnight musings had an assignment for an english class, write a 200 word flash fiction horror story. So I decided to give it a spin. I though I would cave and give myself 500 words, but I managed with 200, yay! It was fun, and I definitely will be experimenting with more of these little projects. Enjoy!


Werewolf Me

Looked in the mirror. Saw something dreadful, awful, my own face-contorting. I went closer, brought my very grey eyes inches from that extra-dimensional reflection. My pupils jump in and out, spasms of size. Big-small, weeooo-weeooo. I shove myself back, tripping into the blue shower curtain just behind. I feel a moment of suspended safety, the swimming fishes caught me, but let me go, spilling into the bath tub. The white tub cradled me, my head throbbing against the cool tile, my hair wild, streaming out like a tangled web. I pretend not to feel the sudden collapse of my body, like Titanic snapping into itself, crumpling under the weight of a raging ocean. I felt the blood pulsing through my body, the pressures building up, ready to spill over. Under my skin burns lava. Snap goes my spine, black goes my brain. Rage rage. Horror.
Come to. Curtain tangled, shredded around me. Stretch claws out, panting, snap at air. Scrambling, slipping, four limbs, I lunge for the reflection, smell blood, light flicker. Small room, trapped. Claw at door, leap onto counter. See, staring at me, grey eye inches away, fur, beast, wolf. I collide with the mirror, biting shattered glass.


glass mirrors

we—us all walk down the street
look at each other
pretend we don’t see each other
and none to notice us
we—all between two way mirror
looking through the other side
cars passing, crashing, by with their tinted mirrors
pretend not to see the people on the streets
wealthy looking out—wish they were out there
vagabond looking in—wish they were in here
cause hot showers equal happiness
so some shoot it up the red veins
black out drug—make us all high
pretending like everyone is someone—to love
someone—to hate
someone—to dehumanize monster-ize
life’s a two way glass
our noses pressed up
fogging up the glass
wondering what’s greener
on the other side.

pollywog cries

Walked along a dark path
just the other night
with dog bound at my side

great mists of the salt lined sea
drifting in across this humble town

wandered through the sloping streets
ran long ways by Pollywog lake
watched the ducks glide seamlessly
cut slice through the choked air

children laughing, playing on the slides behind
walking along the blackened paths
vision obscured, draped in the thick misted air

shadows playing across the lawn, beneath twisted trees
their shapes, black shapes, reminding me
of a tune, began just inside my head

lips pursed, windblown, cool drifting tuneless sky
I look out upon the long drawn field
whistle my stunted, sauntered melody

saw the moving shapes of ghostly players
running along the endless lawn
masked in white mist, black clouds

large dog and faceless owner passing by
children laughing, screaming, crying below
and below that, the rippled lake
swallowed mirrored image
salty, sea-less, fourth dimensional sky.

short anthem

This poem was provoked by a recent poem from shining city on the hill, as well as from a psychology class I am taking, and years of living…the recent protests. I AM ANGER. You should be angry, too.

land and thieves

rage against my country
inner champagne
shaken, ready to burst
punch face
all the ignorant wives
turn cheek on those
who think me a fool
rise up, rebel, insist
my life is not a grain of sand
take my future out of your green hands
flag dripping blood
waved across all the empty faces
innocent men sent to their graves
by a cheering crowd
cheers for lethal injection
we want blood, we want blood
save yourself
every man, woman, child for themselves
leaky boat united
surrounded by sharks, filled with sharks
blood thirsty, spirit eating sharks
I’m free in the general population
generalized to a piece of dirt
under their shiny black shoes
my freedom is limited by the size of my mouth
the mortality of my heart
surrounded by fools
watching shadow puppets on the wall
don’t turn around, the sun will be too bright.

touch faith

Healing the Blind Man – Edy Legrand
Once again, I find a beautiful prompt from which words flow, unhindered. I adore times when my poetry rhymes, because it is so rare.
– Marylin Manson song running through my mind stereo while writing this…)

burlap skin, candle stick fingers
reach skyward, touch faith, linger

hawk spread, upper world high
spirited away, shaman’s eyes

reverence uplifted, boon granted, life watered
blind fingertips, wrinkled sleep, bothered

lucid wings, carried heart
tell tale whisper, winded words pulled apart

careful dance, cloud steppes
sacred lesson, spirit teacher wept

worn cry, feathered hands
drawn features, cascading hourglass sand

arms out reached, flesh tired
floating east, ward off negativity

dreamer’s stone, setting sun awake
gazing future, past forgetful, forsake

starlight arise, people’s god passing by
indrawn fetus, touch faith, sigh

pull back, resign
tethered wrists, unbind.

Lamb No See

Healing of the Blind Man – Brian Jekel

This poem was sort of a reflection on the same topic of my earlier poem ‘Fuck Hatred’, which was less poetry, more psychiatry rant. This is much more isolated, exploring a specific area of my anger…

Lamb No See

life is rainbow
radiant sunshine
dancing splash
gay twilight

(fuck you)

life is restful sleep
long kisses
cotton pink lips
childhood creation
snug puppy
easy embrace

life is untouched sunset
lucid before dawn
velvet baby feet
uncovered soul mate(s)

life is campfire
musical embrace
sought out spirit
living light, awakened

life is cream bubbly
turtle sky, emerald see
elephant mountains
plum clouds

life is adrift, bliss
autumn leaves (in)
feathered wind
thread bare sweaters
aroma, fresh chopped pine

life is orange
drip nectar, goddess sweet
lavender drift
open window, ocean sigh

life is caramel lick
circle tokes
osmosis, buddy leaves
grill cheese goo
mommy, brother, kidhood

life is starry night
crackled mug, murky tea
story book
collected stones…

life is…
sit still
breathe in
breathe out
eyes blind