fuck hatred.

Yeah, I’m angry. So I wrote a poem about it, and now I feel a little better. Further more, I push myself to publish this kind of writing, full of truth and raw emotion. Other wise, who am I?

jack ass.
for generalizing me in that way
giggling, snotty?
fuck you fuck you
I am illunga ali
forgive twice, but you’ve taken me a step too far
you’ve used my kindness, sanctity, spirituality,
you’ve used it like a dirty towel to throw away
well wipe your mouth and leave
get out of my life
go over to the other side of the universe and die
you’ve got your words, your big ass brain
who needs friends when you’ve got yourself
you’ve got your lies, your disgust, your damnation
so go over there and fucking have fun
I’m through with you
I’ve listen to your preaching , and your jokes too
and you’ve never listened to me at all
you’ve never given a thought about your fellow humans or their suicidal ways,
they are worms to you
so crawl in the black earth and we will devour you
send you back to a hated god
your useless flesh recycled back into the life forms you so desperately despise
go fuck off and die.
I’ve got my friends, my calm ways like a great tide on planet earth,
I’ve got my three stones, moon, jasper, amethyst
and my beating drums, heart, soul
I’ve got my flute to cling to its pastel waves of sweet song to carry me away
I’ve got lovely friends, to hold close at night, gathered around our imaginary campfire
I have my woes, my second thoughts, my evil committee working against me
all up in my skull pounding away
I don’t need your voice up in there
don’t condemn me for wanting happiness, peace
I have my tears, spirituality, loved ones
what have you got?
You are hatred, you are rage

the world has enough of you.


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