der kuss

I haven’t specifically used prompts for poetry, but I love this strange painting…’The Kiss’ by Klimt.

bodies intertwined
century statues laden in gilt dreams
blinded by
the long curve of his neck
the careful pattern of her gown
soft face
receives like a gift…

they bring beauty to this world
flat plane of existence
non existent
striking brain fuse
gilt light dance across the regions
rainbow love.

I lust
for her passion, her love
sullen, dismayed
I watch from the dark corner
wondering what such firework would be
imagining experience, half-hearted
anger in my dreams
a reenactment of half-life

with softened gaze
touching their cool shapes
patterns in the golden earth
swallowed by starry minds
peaceful existence…
star crossed, by the candle’s light
angel gate’s

if heaven exists.


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