Lamb No See

Healing of the Blind Man – Brian Jekel

This poem was sort of a reflection on the same topic of my earlier poem ‘Fuck Hatred’, which was less poetry, more psychiatry rant. This is much more isolated, exploring a specific area of my anger…

Lamb No See

life is rainbow
radiant sunshine
dancing splash
gay twilight

(fuck you)

life is restful sleep
long kisses
cotton pink lips
childhood creation
snug puppy
easy embrace

life is untouched sunset
lucid before dawn
velvet baby feet
uncovered soul mate(s)

life is campfire
musical embrace
sought out spirit
living light, awakened

life is cream bubbly
turtle sky, emerald see
elephant mountains
plum clouds

life is adrift, bliss
autumn leaves (in)
feathered wind
thread bare sweaters
aroma, fresh chopped pine

life is orange
drip nectar, goddess sweet
lavender drift
open window, ocean sigh

life is caramel lick
circle tokes
osmosis, buddy leaves
grill cheese goo
mommy, brother, kidhood

life is starry night
crackled mug, murky tea
story book
collected stones…

life is…
sit still
breathe in
breathe out
eyes blind


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