touch faith

Healing the Blind Man – Edy Legrand
Once again, I find a beautiful prompt from which words flow, unhindered. I adore times when my poetry rhymes, because it is so rare.
– Marylin Manson song running through my mind stereo while writing this…)

burlap skin, candle stick fingers
reach skyward, touch faith, linger

hawk spread, upper world high
spirited away, shaman’s eyes

reverence uplifted, boon granted, life watered
blind fingertips, wrinkled sleep, bothered

lucid wings, carried heart
tell tale whisper, winded words pulled apart

careful dance, cloud steppes
sacred lesson, spirit teacher wept

worn cry, feathered hands
drawn features, cascading hourglass sand

arms out reached, flesh tired
floating east, ward off negativity

dreamer’s stone, setting sun awake
gazing future, past forgetful, forsake

starlight arise, people’s god passing by
indrawn fetus, touch faith, sigh

pull back, resign
tethered wrists, unbind.


4 thoughts on “touch faith

  1. Have you heard the original, and Johnny Cash’s version of Personal Jesus?

  2. This poem evokes a mood in my mind to accompany the idea. The structure of the adjectives and thoughts are so artistic…this is something I love to see in poetry: not just an idea conveyed, but a small masterpiece of unique word strokes. Well done my friend

    • lukewater says:

      What a compliment ^^; Thank you so much, greatly appreciated critique from a fellow poet….I adore your name by the way…it evokes a humorous image of poor cartoon vampire clad in black coats with black umbrellas pouring down as rain, being whipped around in the wind…with frowns on their faces xD

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