short anthem

This poem was provoked by a recent poem from shining city on the hill, as well as from a psychology class I am taking, and years of living…the recent protests. I AM ANGER. You should be angry, too.

land and thieves

rage against my country
inner champagne
shaken, ready to burst
punch face
all the ignorant wives
turn cheek on those
who think me a fool
rise up, rebel, insist
my life is not a grain of sand
take my future out of your green hands
flag dripping blood
waved across all the empty faces
innocent men sent to their graves
by a cheering crowd
cheers for lethal injection
we want blood, we want blood
save yourself
every man, woman, child for themselves
leaky boat united
surrounded by sharks, filled with sharks
blood thirsty, spirit eating sharks
I’m free in the general population
generalized to a piece of dirt
under their shiny black shoes
my freedom is limited by the size of my mouth
the mortality of my heart
surrounded by fools
watching shadow puppets on the wall
don’t turn around, the sun will be too bright.


4 thoughts on “short anthem

  1. shiningcityonthehill says:

    ‘my freedom is limited by the size of my mouth
    the mortality of my heart’ … all we have is our voices. Especially as poets, our voices and pens. Great anthem.

    Will societies get more violent as a result of austerity and the 2008 crash? Most certainty I’m afraid. It is tragic. Indeed when reading this piece i felt like it spoke of the violence within a person that can be released. The clash of conciousness and ideas within a person’s soul. And then when this finally spills over in to physical rage and violence.

    • lukewater says:

      Thank you!
      I wonder how many others out there feel the same as I do…yet I can even define my anger against the government. I hope things don’t get violent, but I do hope the people grow in energy, numbers, force…I’m a big believer in the power of peace, though : )

      Mostly…I would like to see a country not built on money.

  2. Striking imagery. I love to see passionate and emotional poetry and this is certainly passionate. The anger and intensity is beautifully intimidating. Well done!

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