pollywog cries

Walked along a dark path
just the other night
with dog bound at my side

great mists of the salt lined sea
drifting in across this humble town

wandered through the sloping streets
ran long ways by Pollywog lake
watched the ducks glide seamlessly
cut slice through the choked air

children laughing, playing on the slides behind
walking along the blackened paths
vision obscured, draped in the thick misted air

shadows playing across the lawn, beneath twisted trees
their shapes, black shapes, reminding me
of a tune, began just inside my head

lips pursed, windblown, cool drifting tuneless sky
I look out upon the long drawn field
whistle my stunted, sauntered melody

saw the moving shapes of ghostly players
running along the endless lawn
masked in white mist, black clouds

large dog and faceless owner passing by
children laughing, screaming, crying below
and below that, the rippled lake
swallowed mirrored image
salty, sea-less, fourth dimensional sky.


5 thoughts on “pollywog cries

  1. dc says:

    This is nice. Gently unsettling and very atmospheric

  2. leah J. Lynn says:

    hunting in a pure way.

  3. Morning says:

    a fantastic walk, with haunting imagery in nature.
    well done.

    Happy Poetry Picnic.

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