glass mirrors

we—us all walk down the street
look at each other
pretend we don’t see each other
and none to notice us
we—all between two way mirror
looking through the other side
cars passing, crashing, by with their tinted mirrors
pretend not to see the people on the streets
wealthy looking out—wish they were out there
vagabond looking in—wish they were in here
cause hot showers equal happiness
so some shoot it up the red veins
black out drug—make us all high
pretending like everyone is someone—to love
someone—to hate
someone—to dehumanize monster-ize
life’s a two way glass
our noses pressed up
fogging up the glass
wondering what’s greener
on the other side.


One thought on “glass mirrors

  1. Randall says:

    Very thoughtful, even powerfully done.

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