werewolf flash fiction

Might I admit how dearly I adore werewolves. They are my first love. I need to write more about them…..anyways, my wonderful fellow writer over at midnight musings had an assignment for an english class, write a 200 word flash fiction horror story. So I decided to give it a spin. I though I would cave and give myself 500 words, but I managed with 200, yay! It was fun, and I definitely will be experimenting with more of these little projects. Enjoy!


Werewolf Me

Looked in the mirror. Saw something dreadful, awful, my own face-contorting. I went closer, brought my very grey eyes inches from that extra-dimensional reflection. My pupils jump in and out, spasms of size. Big-small, weeooo-weeooo. I shove myself back, tripping into the blue shower curtain just behind. I feel a moment of suspended safety, the swimming fishes caught me, but let me go, spilling into the bath tub. The white tub cradled me, my head throbbing against the cool tile, my hair wild, streaming out like a tangled web. I pretend not to feel the sudden collapse of my body, like Titanic snapping into itself, crumpling under the weight of a raging ocean. I felt the blood pulsing through my body, the pressures building up, ready to spill over. Under my skin burns lava. Snap goes my spine, black goes my brain. Rage rage. Horror.
Come to. Curtain tangled, shredded around me. Stretch claws out, panting, snap at air. Scrambling, slipping, four limbs, I lunge for the reflection, smell blood, light flicker. Small room, trapped. Claw at door, leap onto counter. See, staring at me, grey eye inches away, fur, beast, wolf. I collide with the mirror, biting shattered glass.


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