Putting it all together.

trying to stay together
my limbs melting in to the earth
red like sun, soul traveling all the way from me to the center of the earth
trying to keep it all together
pulling away at the cracks, coming apart
my world is not like it used to be
it was nothing but seams and walls, seams and walls
but I am started to see the light through the tiny holes
tiny scratches, at least, I saw through them at one time
I want more, I want light, or I want heaven
I’m living to breath, which doesn’t feel like enough
not with a heavy conscious slumming over on my spine
turned up crooked, incomplete
smells like humility and salt

in my dreams I walk to the sea
I feel my heart beating, the sharp rocks beneath my feet
I see a thousand miles in the pale clear water
giant blue whales swimming, sharks, long and weaving ocean weeds.


6 thoughts on “Putting it all together.

  1. shiningcityonthehill says:

    Loved this…very epic

  2. The vivid intensity of your lines a stunning. The splitting world described is quite deep and thought provoking, and the natural imagery is really a lovely interwoven concept

  3. brian miller says:

    nice…i like the sharpness in your words pared with nice imagery…rocks and sharks and long weeds at the end is nice contrast to the all about you through the beginning…

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