the warning signs


Share? Something my friend posted earlier on facebook…

I thought it spoke very well for itself. xD

some notes.

In my psychology class we learned about how
artists, scientists, and scholars, and creative thinkers
are a dangerous threat to a dominant government
and the ultimate savior for the people
we bring liberation, humanity, rationality, beauty
we do not entertain the dumb masses
we enlighten and inspire the willing few
brave enough to experiment with life, and ask, “Why?”
In a period without war, art is free to morph, fly away
We are in that period, I suppose
we are inspired, fighting against the government
against our own armed citizens…
ready to take down and mount.
I know one thing is certain,
artists bring this human world closer to beauty.
We revert our broken ways back into nature
quick switch, inside out like a cotton shirt.
Save the artists,
save the poor, dying people
we’ve become a land of empty faces
I’m not sure what side I stand on
but I feel the music waves vibrate through
the air, chill but fresh.
I go once a week to absorb the knowledge of the salty ocean
a great ocean wave, sun as round as yellow
I listen to their lips moving, the sounds that come out
longing to be heard, begging to be understood
I kissed those lips gently, then pulled away.
Art has a heart of it’s own,
and it’s not a crime,
or it’s a crime of passion.
art saves…I guess it saves me.

x -lukewater


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