Peace out.

the word of the day is—

I—saw a film the other night.

violence, people seem O.K with it

I do not understand.


I am not too young, and I am not very old at all.

I look around myself, see my world, eyes open

I admit, I separate myself from most of it, all the people

but I notice things, I do.


We’re all still growing up

some a lot faster than others.

growing up…pulled towards the sky

ascending stairs, we are drawn, perhaps.


Something about fear the other night

people were afraid of death mostly,

losing loved ones, everything they cared about.

I’ve always been afraid of suddenly realizing


nothing is real after all.


the egg blue sky out my open window

red leaves shedding from solemn oak trees

ready to shed, my old guise.


inhale, you’re halfway there

you don’t know if you’ll be stopped dead in your tracks tomorrow—

you never know, do you?







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