loving hearts spill like kerosene
setting fire to all our
lovely dreams

watch the field stretch on into eternity
watch the clouds melt onto
the emerald grass

sit next to me under our old, familiar tree
sit with me, to keep me warm
match beat with beat

feel the wind blowing through your hair
as we float, on the bench swing
shadows blanketing

fall asleep tonight with me by your side
letting wings take flight
new born dreams.

live free, die free, dream free
our words are our feet
our lives

our dreams, our private whisperings
exchanging kisses underneath
the wide universe

eyes are never watching, I am no one
be sweet, go gently into the good
night, nocturnal nobody

don’t come back, don’t exist
disappear, be my


mon finale

it’s not a cheap shot
the rhyme in the head is just
an accumulation of thought
flows like water through the radio waves
electrifies my mind
allows me to see
three-sixty degrees
like an owl, man
this is the new shit, baby
we’ve got it
where’s your humor
darling, where is your love
the world’s gone to shit
love, the word’s gone and
off’d it.

words words, so many words
the ink runs down a muddied hand
the blood flowing strong
beneath one’s thin, healthy skin
the vampires looking out over the
night, the world, how they feed on each other
the parasitic frights
mad sights, lights in the right mind
powder up the nose
circular reasoning across the
brain, the mind doped up on
or was it loneliness
they’re both so alike
so warm and cold
to touch
the friends have all abandoned
the family’s a god-loving
bunch, the grapes on the vine
outside my window
have died
and I’ve just about had it
with this constant fading
of sunlight
the dog’s an only
and knocking on the doors
is a musical night
it’s not a cheap shot
I’m always alright
I tuck myself in bed good
always, I’m the only woman who could
I am my god, my white horse
I am my only shining


my muse
i take itsabuse.
my muse
horrible, godforsaken
abuse my fuse
is short-circuit
my muse
has run away
mind so
it’s a
crying shame
the world tied my
the societal
has locked me away
the key
swallowed by
a mad wolf
escaped prisoner
out on the loose
sniffing me out
I’m doomed
for the wolf is
my muse
and I always lie down
to take its


why to fly
2.0 bullseye
red ride
dark cherry pop
kick it in the ass
wine served on a dime
bread spread
with sour lime
pups dying
masters crying
slaves walking
clean across the universe
to deliver a silver bullet
to a highest buyer
served again
blood splatter
across my silver

“i”{exhibit #3}

through the oxygen
ribbons cutting of
yellow eyes
behind galaxies
watch us
or don’t at all
yellow beat
good lovers
in the street
wish my life
could take on
there’s a rushing
on the shore
a battle
in the depths of
the dark moor
the plains across
a battered sky
abandoned souls
ready to fall
waiting to die
we wait
our turn

Way to be
a peace loving enemy
burn the flag
as it strangles you my
child…the holly crawling up the side
tasting red, poison tongues
sister, your dead
way to be
my lovely sister
my guardian angel
hiding in the shadow
of the bottom of the
sea, me a holy stranger
choking flags
church bells blinding
god, what a sight
lovely to be
alive, sister, to be
one in oneself
cherish blossom,
blossoming flower
in death row
soon to be free of strangers…
let them be
peace loving enemy
enemy strangers
hound eyes, angel sighs
standing high
flying through the great doors
mary’s eyes
sister let me be,
let me kneel by the angry sea
drowns the good life out of me
my spirit, the thing
got away
way to be
my peace loving enemy
blossoming flag
traveling to the grave.

the smokes
beat the smokes
looking for someone to play a game of murder
heart as cards, assassin of
the night
the smokes
take me to
the place
where souls take flight
the smokes, the ghosts
kiss me in the canyon
we’re wolves
we’re shadows
dead eventually
no escape from grim
smokes, smokes and blades
smokes an mirrors
stars my eyes
superstars, super light
villains running with the dogs
howl it, howl it
we are beasts
moon beasts
howling for the moon
for the love, the love
the smoke and mirrors
dash far away
my speeding bullet sweet heart
into the flashing tv,
you’ll be out of their sight
illusions in her eyes
grim slinking
round corner
trailing shadows in the smoke
in the clouds, the small rain clouds
it’s a personal night,

independent sound}

this is me

pretending I’m still alive

like I still matter

at God-Damn


that was all of them

the starfuckers

pretending like they gave a damn

about me, like they ever

gave a damn about me.

the lamb and the wolf

going into the good dark


the shadow of the violin

falling over the silver night

you are the lamb

you are the eye

you are the god in all our minds

you are the lamb, the lamb

running from the sheep

be gone, little lamb

be blind

all the world’s asleep

and the willow tree never weeps

this is the blood spilled

the skies cry

for innocence is our little lamb,

Sam, my love

forgetting me in a haze

you are the lamb, my love

the sky opens for you

and knives fall like ice

blinding us all, gouging our eyes

bleeding red rivers of blood

flooding the earth with our

agony, we all deserved

this, this thing

which had happened to us

this disease

will never rest, will never let me

be, a thing in the night

keeping me awake, and silent

smothering me with the smoke

from a candle’s light.

Sam, my love

come to me

and we’ll be happy

rested in a valley of weeds.