we are living in the present
wrapped tight in a spider’s cocoon

the monster?
what is the monster
should we be afraid

are we the masters
or are we the slaves
are we the gods
or is god looking at us
a great eye like an ocean
looking through us
through to the other side of the mirror

the other side of a wonderful land
full of happ.i.ness

pause, take a wake
two train lines running parallel down the middle.
with guys and dolls running beside them
but looking up at the stars.

watch my pale lips as they blush
to meet you, friendly, into the center of the universe
we’re living in the milky way
moustache on space.

Stay still
while your speeding away so fast
hold tight
and always let go at the fading of the light
wondering where it all goes from here,
where will we all go after here?

Disappear or die,
heaven, consciousness, happ.i.ness?

Let it shatter, slip, fade
fade away, the monster’s face
like an enemy turned gentle friend, my faithful friend
myself my own gripping hands, around my own throat
making like a fist.

growling in the night
grows to humming in the rising dawn
and we become blinded by God’s light
it blind us
we only see the blue sky crystal spectrum
no thousand suns, glistening oceans of moons
we see only ourselves staring back at us in the watering mirror
silver fish, alive, scales across their backs
fins as fine as silk thread, flowing smooth
like kite tails in salt breezy
breezy as pie

humble as the lord
honest a sad sad child
just a soft white lamb
following behind all the other sheep.

Time has a way of escaping those who are lucky enough
but I know, I know I am not one of those lucky people
I am not lucky enough to forget.

Memories two.
Makes me so sad and blue
take me away
shy as a fox
living the rest of life in a make believe box
wish the rain could go away
so I could pray for it again some other day
what I’ve done yesterday
the terrible things
I’ll do again today, and tomorrow
and until the end of all my sad sad ways
when we say, it’s mad
the world, it’s mad
we mean suicide thoughts
we mean all death we say

enters my brain
electric shok
smoke, pale blue
floats, drifts like a thoughtful letter
kindly away.

xo -lukewater


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