and on

looking to sit down and write, right away
all wasted, educational day
buzz in my ear
drown it down with sweet music, volume sky high
been writing a lot of poetry today
my secret little thoughts
scribbled carelessly in my heart
set on fire, one thin paper sheet at a time
till all the words are burned away, ashes and smolder
so no one can read them ever, at all
they are all embellished on my pink memory
which, in time, will always fade away.

listening, pulled by the music’s voices
like kites tied to strings
voices drown me out, and wash me away
way down the bubbling river
until I disappear
into the boiling sea
turned green by the salt and long weeds
my little thoughts and grey imagination
float to the very, very dark bottom
where nothing but frightening fish and shimming treasure

listening to all the voices and sounds in my life
sifting through them like little, so silky smooth beads of sand

leaving behind the morning mist,
to drift on a small blue sail boat
all the way around the world
through the waving waters
until we catch up to the evening mist
and catch starry eyed glimpses of the black skies
reflecting into the darkest depths of the bottomless seas
and wonder what it’s like to die.

graves litter our tiny little world
sad to say
death hounds us like a gentle friend
taking gently each of our hands
in time
we shout from that lovely swaying
sinking boat
to the heaven and trumpeted angels
we shout someone else’s words
because they were better than our own

staring, staring into the galaxies full of many thousands of suns
wondering which could be like our own
knowing we are alone
with no hope, just a second’s clasp of consciousness
I know I’m going to die, do you, too.

had a dream last night of little consequence
that is it didn’t matter
when I jumped off the earth
and discovered there was nothing else but god out there.


One thought on “and on

  1. Eric Alagan says:

    Congratulations. I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check this out >

    All good wishes,
    Eric Alagan (Written Words Never Die)

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