hung the rope.

speeding boys and speeding girls

create light, at 120 mph

dust and gun smoke in the burnt rubber

foot print across their tracks

breath in toxic chemicals

going straight to beating hearts

on telephone answering machines

green hands reaching out

to fall across empty space

ships off in the night

climbing 1,000 sets of stairs

out of breath, the good life

kissing each other


“technology’s burning eye

come to me…

fly my yellow kite in the sky

kiss the sun

with diamond patterned




music from thin air

creating symphonies

with growing lives

poison vines clinging to the pale plaster

ridden with gloom.


mechanical soul

turns to her

shuts the door

faces all his deadly monsters

and they devoured him.


the little red monsters

with all the pills

guarding the rabbit whole

peeling juicy oranges

to cradle in their arms


machines waste time

listening to the beast’s command

tasteless tongues

raging, and they rise.”


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