wolf howl
in the night
the crescent moon
running a finger along
the outer curve
like feeling the light
let the blind man see
feed the night
the beast is hungry
the blood of innocent lives
dine on empty plates
and fill their hearts
with rose red wine
the garden of life
from the grape’s wilted vine
the rich soil
as overwhelming as
the oak’s aroma
as it soaks in steam
bathing in misty tears
of the deeper earth
the chambers of gas,
the rivers of lava
beneath our feet
the great inner sun
encompassing all our hearts
swallowing faith whole
how many tears
can you seep
what sort of heavenly rain
will fall from the eyes of the master
creator, seeping into the earth
drinking, thirsty from the sands of the desert
spilling into the ocean
vast webs of secret life
glowing, tucked so far down
into the depths of 7 seas
awaiting, the immersion
their voyage into the light
sentient beings,
after all
fish and apes
in the end
what a way to go out
bang, whimper
slinking out
into the dark night
into the shadow
the mist swallowing
my hands, arms
my eyes
captain soul
whispers her favorite song
losing distance.
everything distance, nonexistence
far away, not here
I forgot,
we all forgot
memory’s sear
we listen, out the other
release, let go
it is
the way we go
we were made
we are minds
punched holes
swiss cheese
conscious walls
bound to bodies
kite tethered
what is it
what do you know
with a life
what do you do
with in the lava
my strife
your hands
coral lungs
what we do
our wispy spirits
spreading across a sky
a sea of ghosts
heading into the cloud bank
waiting for
eternal trains
clutching desperately to the inside
our spilling guts
drum skulls
numb souls
sold, black dollar
market bleeding
selling happy lies
a sticky
strung web
connecting her
house of cards
june wolves
blow by
and all her lovely children
fall down
to the grave
to die.


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