independent sound}

this is me

pretending I’m still alive

like I still matter

at God-Damn


that was all of them

the starfuckers

pretending like they gave a damn

about me, like they ever

gave a damn about me.

the lamb and the wolf

going into the good dark


the shadow of the violin

falling over the silver night

you are the lamb

you are the eye

you are the god in all our minds

you are the lamb, the lamb

running from the sheep

be gone, little lamb

be blind

all the world’s asleep

and the willow tree never weeps

this is the blood spilled

the skies cry

for innocence is our little lamb,

Sam, my love

forgetting me in a haze

you are the lamb, my love

the sky opens for you

and knives fall like ice

blinding us all, gouging our eyes

bleeding red rivers of blood

flooding the earth with our

agony, we all deserved

this, this thing

which had happened to us

this disease

will never rest, will never let me

be, a thing in the night

keeping me awake, and silent

smothering me with the smoke

from a candle’s light.

Sam, my love

come to me

and we’ll be happy

rested in a valley of weeds.


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