mon finale

it’s not a cheap shot
the rhyme in the head is just
an accumulation of thought
flows like water through the radio waves
electrifies my mind
allows me to see
three-sixty degrees
like an owl, man
this is the new shit, baby
we’ve got it
where’s your humor
darling, where is your love
the world’s gone to shit
love, the word’s gone and
off’d it.

words words, so many words
the ink runs down a muddied hand
the blood flowing strong
beneath one’s thin, healthy skin
the vampires looking out over the
night, the world, how they feed on each other
the parasitic frights
mad sights, lights in the right mind
powder up the nose
circular reasoning across the
brain, the mind doped up on
or was it loneliness
they’re both so alike
so warm and cold
to touch
the friends have all abandoned
the family’s a god-loving
bunch, the grapes on the vine
outside my window
have died
and I’ve just about had it
with this constant fading
of sunlight
the dog’s an only
and knocking on the doors
is a musical night
it’s not a cheap shot
I’m always alright
I tuck myself in bed good
always, I’m the only woman who could
I am my god, my white horse
I am my only shining


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