currently listening to

Rhapsody in Blue, For Piano

but it was done on guitar

I believe by George Gershwin

album titled, Sergio Assad, Jardim Abandonado

(I think)


It was beautiful.


classical silence

I sit here in the nestled blankets
of a 21st century bedtime story
the waves of guitar’s fingers
crashing across me, over me, under me

I hate to say it, hate to admit it
but I think I’m waiting
for something that will never come
I’m afraid, but I guess I will have to chase it.

I wonder when I’ll crack open all the work
I never wanted to finish in the first place
I wonder when I’ll fall back into bed with my art
my imagination, my creation, a cloud’s landscape.

Engulfed in thoughts, emotions, dreams
of all the endless possibilities, what could be?

{sorry I’ve been out}

oh fuck forgotten again
yeah yeah
the day
I ran away
from the world
through the blue torn sky
into a crevice
where I curled up like a dog
to die
hypothetically speaking
the day
arose its head
to allow me to
jump off the cliff
fall through
the sky

high tide is coming in again
it comes in so fast,
wish it would wash me away
where the voices don’t follow
and I stay happy
at least in the mornings
on saturdays.

look away, look away
yeah yeah
join someone else’s

-oh my

it’s pluto sky