in the shadow of a wave
I met and become the bones
of fish

in the shadow of a mountain
I cry to El Shaddai

in the shadow of a shaman
I nail my feet to the ground
the dusty ground

in the shadow of a lion’s cedar
I hide, curled to his base
and wait for him to become

in the shadows of god
I sing softly so
he can hear

in the shadow, the plane’s mechanical shadow
I bury myself deep into the ground
to emerge again, not until the drop of nuclear bombs
have cleared them all away

the demons, and the bitter hearts alike
like a meteor’s blaze
swept, their crumbling ashes, across the endless black space
never to be seen, heard, felt ever again

in the shadow of the moon
Our astral eye
I cannot contain, cannot contain my screams any longer
cannot contain my Might
for I am free
to run along the belly of the Earth
the true mother, her lovely soul
to feel her compassion, to feel his great compassion
for all eternity.