In the shadow of my mind

My heart fights with my brain
Says it’s ok
You’ll love again
You’ll love again
And you’ll be free
Of the fear
The fear inside your head
The fear that caused

Marry me into a life of happiness
He says ‘I do’ with a shaking hand
And quivering lip
But inside he’s afraid
Inside he is afraid
The dark corners of his mind
The shadows hiding
The creatures of his darkest nightmare
Will be revealed

He’s afraid because there is this monster
Attached, it’s been there for years
Staring over his right shoulder
Claws dug in tight to his back
Latched on to his spine
Digging into his shoulder blade
Causing him pain

He wonders
If anyone can see this creature
Or is it
A figment of his imagination
A grim fairytale
An unwanted ghost
A demon feeding off his
Fears, his misery

He wonders if anyone
Could hear him crying last fall
When the leaves fell from the trees
To turn brown, crisp underfoot
When the cold winter nights
Loomed in front of him
And he felt so very alone

His heart frozen over
Until a warmer day
When the new year dawns
And the bird’s song cracks the ice
Of his frozen heart

On that day he hears
The whisper of his heart
A voice of courage
Strong enough to never be silenced
His heart breaks down
All the walls in his broken mind
Shatters the doors and
Scatters the creatures hiding in their shadows
A gentle wind, like a whispering breeze
Sends all his cobwebs
Fluttering away

His heart whispers into his mind’s ear
With warm breath, a friend’s gentle voice
You will love


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