green thoughts

sitting among the grass and the weeds
my thoughts turn so green
sitting beneath a clear blue sky
with a cool breeze like a gentle sigh
i wonder how my thoughts could ever be
darker than the shadow i sit beneath
the world spins round again
Spins me upside down in my head again
till i come around full circle
spattered out on the ground 
hope my heart will make it right
hope my soul won’t let me lose this fight
we’re living in the here and now
and right now
i’m sitting among the grass and the weeds
just listening to the finch birds sing
wondering how long these green thoughts
will last


wolf’s answer

if my soul’s ready
then this love i will partake
if my soul is brave enough
than this life I will stay

if the world catches on fire
from my cave I will walk
into the bright and bursting flames
where the stars conspire to knock

i will carry on into the night
and past into an eternal dawn
the awakening of my mind’s light
the tearing down of my wall’s drawn on