Shorts sweet

Scoot over, you
let’s take a load off
talk some talk
’bout the things we’re always meaning to talk about
but just don’t find the time

Take a second
put your arm around my shoulder
and we’ll say all the things
we always needed to hear
so sit down, talk smack, lay back
relax, you’re among friends

and friends don’t mind
taking a little time
for friends.


I’m on the brink.

At any moment

at any time in the day
I am standing on the brink
I wander near the cliff’s edge
I wander closer, closer.

What’s wrong with me?
What disease riddles my mind
but the human condition
of being alive long enough
of thinking enough thoughts so as
to drown in them.

It takes all my will power
to pull myself back
to hold myself down
like a beast with red eyes
waiting for the right moment
to strike, to break free.

By those words alone, I’m on the brink.

Let’s try this again

Let’s face the facts
when I walk into a crowded room
and turn my back on the door
I keep my eyes to the floor
I head straight to corner
’cause that’s where I belong.

Under the shade of a shadowed tree
when I hide outside in the green grass
amongst the bristling of the bush’s leaves
and there I could remain
for how long?
I’ve lost count.

I’ve walked the straight and narrow before
and I’ll follow that path again
when the time comes
pick kick strip myself up off the dirty ground
stumble back to the place where I belong
which remains to be better
than the place I was before.

How does that sound?
we’re trying, I’ll say, at least
there’s a hope in a light rising
from the darkest of the longest
of night.