Are you wondering who the person is behind the words? The Art?
My name is Ali…I am twenty-three years old.
I am a medic in the garrison army of the good ol’ U.S.A. What a walking contradiction I’ve become, especially considering I’m a vegan hippie.
I plan on acting for the rest of my life, but also paint/draw, and write.
I love to read, hence the list of books on the side. I add one book title for every post I publish. Someday…I hope to add my own books to that list!
I am an introvert, a dog lover, a loyal friend. I was born on the sunny coast of southern California, moved to east Tennessee when I was nine, lived there for seven years, went to school at a lovely art college in Georgia for a year. Went back to the west coast for a few years, a few more adventures and more college. Now I’m in Hawaii and contracted to live here for a few years to play army with a lot of expensive toys.
My best friend and constant inspiration, Ari Constantine, can be found at Midnight Musings, link in the sidebar.
Most of my writing here is loosely edited, honest and spilling off the top of my head. I challenge myself to continue posting once a day (although I slip), and enjoy sharing my writing, I hope you’ll enjoy reading!

ali & luke



Who is Luke Water, you might ask? He is a character in from a story I am still writing, and one of my favorites. He is a very disgruntled werewolf trapped in a sad city. He is also my imaginary friend, and a good one at that.


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