{the sigh of sky}

does it make me crazy
to be so insane
to be so alone
in the early morning
the wind blowing across
my burning longing
the silver lining of
gray clouds of the sky
earth floating in her
black, empty pocket of space
mother nature holding her
like an egg

she can Dream,
but she can never see
the line between
we’re dying, dying to be set free

space to breathe
space to be crazy
stretched up my spine
extended into nirvana
like a snake, I shed my scales
fly away, and dream of
any other day from the end
where the world explodes
and my beast’s exposed
our faces, our eyes
white as ghosts

jack’s lament
had a certain charming
sorrowful sadness, which is faced
in the darkness of a howling night
music trip-slipped, tick wit tongue tied
the wind follows me up to the sea
along the hill side spills my sanity
tranquility held hostage
among the stone graves
where lightening strikes
at random.

we can Dream,
but we can never see
the line between
She’s dying, dying to be set free





bones brittle, words so little

under the bristled, soft feathers

I am supplemental to the air.


beak shy, so many little words

it cracks under the liberty

of a dawning world, sky, universe.


wingspan, balance, these words mean so little

over the hovering lives

of mountains… majestic


I scream an incredible cry

shaken so deep inside my lovely bones,


words mean nothing.

{the energy of the universe}

The energy of a universe
the world in my eyes…
energy flowing through us all
(the colors of the steady wind)
we are creatures, the millions of us…

science, spirit, the third eye of life.

I am my being, in the middle of a green meadow
the trees around me are all people in their lives
if I don’t blink…if I just wait, breathe
I can see all of their energy (their life paths)
they are like streams, wind, electricity
the beautiful people, their beautiful lives
their terrible tragedies
draw out these tears from my eyes
we are a melancholy bunch.

I…want peace.
Floating in the middle of the universe
a great responsibility falls upon my shoulders
I can see so much pain, and I can find so much love
was I ever my own god, or did he come to me in the passing afternoon?
I’ve forgotten now.

A ray of sun falls upon two living creatures in war
under the great life’s light, their energy exchange…
like a globe, illuminated eternally
a closed system, a circle of life
one is the ocean,
the other is the gravitational pull of the moon
They are counter and balance…as are all things
(and all of this I can see).

What to do with it all?
The knowledge, the peace, this savored breath
to love is one thing…
to live out my life in the balance and shade of my internal happiness
is it true, that all energy must, eventually, be lost?
To meditate on this more…to constantly write, more
to…simply dance, and be lost in the beauty
of my own life’s energy.

I’ll wait it all out,
seek it out, even, the adventure of it all
on my death bed, 100 years from now,
surrounded completely by my world’s love,
life itself will come to me, in a dream.

was a girl



She gave her virginity away to a thief,

she prayed lovingly to that one true shadow.

[true like]


She let monsters out of their closets,

she played with the ideas that weren’t meant to be had.


She defiled her skin, defiled her mind,

she let herself grow painstakingly kind.

[defiled her mind]


There was a girl

who let innocence, taken from her world,

grow cold on the [unforgiving] floor.





island boy


I met a boy who lives on an island

with Athena and Atlas (shrugs).


[Mighty Athena,

Mighty Atlas].


(he is my sanctity,

my dream,

and I’ve loved him before…)


In Another Life!



this is my


my Calm,

my Joy,

never to be left behind

(or so I’ll always hope)


I felt it.

Tonight’s the Night.