@r+ wurke


These are my…sort of prized pieces.
They are especially close to my heart for one reason or another.
Either because they related to Luke Water, to my writing.
Or they remind me of my best friend, or some other love of mine.
But mostly, because they remind me that I can create something beautiful.
Something that I can appreciate.
When nothing else matters, when the world no longer matters.
And all I have left is myself, and my art.


In the Breeze.

1 Red Water

His Scarf.


Anthem Poster Art

Also,  I’ve decided to include my favorite body of work I’ve ever created. I would like to do more in this style, just mass produce them…but these twelve pieces have shown me some difficulty. I love them dearly, but don’t really want to display them on the walls because I feel like they would only further depress me. I love giving my art to people, but I always feel quite odd giving away these pieces. I always feel sort of odd because the pieces are provocative and weird. Any ways these were all done within a week, charcoal….yup. 18×24” I believe.


3 thoughts on “@r+ wurke

  1. m1dn1ghtmus1ngs says:

    Oh my goddess. I’m about to cry. I miss your brilliance, and the brilliance we always shared. Come back :(

    <3 always,


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